7+ Reasons to Fall in Love with Thar Earth Edition

The Thar Earth Edition was introduced by India’s top SUV manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. The Thar Desert’s wide hugeness and its capacity to facilitate accessibility served as the model for the special edition. It represents adventure—it is an image of it—with a color scheme influenced by the landscape of the desert, creating a feeling of connection with the natural world.

Thar Earth Edition

The Thar Earth Edition builds upon the Mahindra Thar’s legacy of adventure and exploration, aiming to captivate and expand the community of Thar enthusiasts. This special edition, with its unique satin matte ‘Desert Fury’ finish, is designed to make this iconic SUV more distinctive, with a promise to inspire a new wave of adventurers to embrace the ‘Thar Life.’

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2024 Mahindra Thar Earth Edition launched in India

Mahindra & Mahindra recently launched the Thar Earth Edition at Rs. 15.4 lakh (ex-showroom). The revamped SUV is equipped with exterior and interior enhancements inspired by the Thar desert. Here are the top five highlights of the distinctive variant of the off-roader.

1. Exquisite exterior of thar earth edition

Mahindra Thar Right Front Three Quarter

The special edition Thar boasts a body colour named ‘Desert Fury’ in a satin matte finish for a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

2. Unique decals

Mahindra Thar Left Side View

Further enhancing the exterior are ‘Dune-inspired’ decals that are tastefully done. Even the badges are finished in matte black to add to the uniqueness.

Mahindra Thar Rear Fender

3. Exclusive branding

Mahindra Thar Side Badge

There’s an Earth Edition badge on the B-pillars of this Thar to signify exclusivity. Meanwhile, inside, the Thar branding on doors comes with dark chrome accents. Another notable change is that all these special editions will come with uniquely numbered decorative VIN plate, starting with the serial number ‘1’.

Mahindra Thar Side Badge

4. ‘Desert Fury’ inserts

Mahindra Thar Dashboard

In line with the exterior body colour, the interior also sports Desert Fury inserts that are visible on the AC vents, steering wheel, and centre console.

5. Black-beige interior

Mahindra Thar Front Seat Headrest

The interior enhancements include a black-coloured base with light beige accents. Look closely and you’ll notice the beige leatherette seats feature dune designs on the headrests. It’s a nice touch.

Mahindra Thar Earth Edition engine options and variants

There are no mechanical changes to the Thar in this new edition. It continues to be offered in diesel and petrol versions with the availability of manual and automatic transmission options. And for an exclusive 4×4 experience, it is also available with the 4X4 hardware in the LX hard-top variant.

Mahindra Thar Left Front Three Quarter

Available in both diesel and petrol versions, with manual and automatic, the Earth Edition promises an exclusive 4×4 experience in the LX Hard Top Variant.

The Thar Earth Edition continues Mahindra’s tradition of excellence and is an ode to the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to customers. It is expected to build on the overwhelming success of the Thar, further solidifying its position as a preferred SUV choice for adventurers and enthusiasts alike.

Mahindra Thar Earth Edition - All you need to know
  • Available in 4WD guise
  • Prices start at Rs. 15.40 lakh

The Mahindra Thar, a capable off-roader from the Indian automaker has received a new special edition called ‘Earth Edition’. The starting price of the latest version of the new earth edition SUV is Rs. 15.40 lakh (ex-showroom) across petrol and diesel powertrain options.

Exterior changes

Mahindra Thar Right Front Three Quarter

The biggest change in the exterior of the Thar is the new colourway called Dessert Fury which gets a satin matte finish. Other visible elements include dune/dessert-inspired decals and graphics on the rear fender and doors, silver-finished alloy wheels, and square-shaped 3D ‘Earth Edition’ badges on the B-pillars.

Mahindra Thar Side Badge

Apart from this new exterior paint, the Thar 4WD can be had in four colours including Red Rage, Galaxy Grey, Napoli Black, and Everest White.

Interior changes

Mahindra Thar Dashboard

On the inside, the Thar Earth Edition gets a dual-tone black and beige theme, and dunes graphics on the headrests. Moreover, the cabin of the SUV gets Dessert Fury-coloured inserts on the AC vents, centre console, and steering wheel. Further, each Thar Earth Edition will get a unique numbered decorative VIN plate starting with serial number ‘1’.


Mahindra Thar Front Row Seats

The special edition of the Thar will also benefit from accessories including customised front and rear armrests, 7D floor mats, and a comfort kit.

Powertrain options

The Mahindra Thar Earth Edition comes equipped with two engine options – a 2.0-litre petrol and a 2.2-litre diesel engine. Both motors are paired with a six-speed manual and a torque converter automatic gearbox. Meanwhile, this new edition is only offered with the 4WD guise of the off-roader.


Listed below are the variant-wise ex-showroom prices of the Thar Earth Edition:

Thar Earth Edition Petrol MTRs. 15.40 lakh
Thar Earth Edition Petrol ATRs. 16.99 lakh
Thar Earth Edition Diesel MTRs. 16.15 lakh
Thar Earth Edition Diesel ATRs. 17.60 lakh

Desert Fury satin matte finish instantly brings to mind the desert sand and its texture, with the metallic treatment very effectively capturing the ‘sand sparkle’. The dune-inspired decals on the doors and rear fender, the silver alloys and the matte black badges add to its uniqueness. The Earth Edition badge, proudly displayed on the B-pillars, signifies the special edition’s exclusivity.

The interiors are just as inspiring, with a black coloured-base and light beige accents hinting at the forever shifting, floating nature of sand. The Thar earth edition offers beige leatherette seats featuring dune designs on the headrests. The cabin is further enhanced with Desert Fury inserts on the AC vents, steering wheel, center console accent and the Thar branding on doors. The theme is elevated with embellishments of dark chrome accents. Each of the Thar Earth Edition SUVs will come with a unique numbered decorative VIN plate starting with serial number 1.

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