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GTA 6 leaks and maps Rather surprisingly, a gameplay leak of six seconds from the much-awaited GTA 6 has surfaced, showing glimpses of the game’s cityscape off-camera. Various short videos of a Vice City setting and two protagonists began circulating the web after a massive leak of Rockstar’s next GTA entry last year. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has confirmed that the leaks were legit, but noted that the footage was “early and unfinished”. Schreier went on to call this leak “one of the biggest in video game history” and deemed it a nightmare for Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 leaks

GTA 6 lunches date

There some rumors that game will be lunches in late 2024

GTA 6 trailer

Trailer 1 will be lunches in 5 December 2023 at 9 am ET.

GTA 6 map

This is a list of GTA 6 map locations that were spotted in the leaked footage, across road signs, menus, etc. :

  • Ekanfinaka
  • Hamlet
  • Lake Leonida
  • Little Haiti
  • Malibu Club
  • Monument Of Leonida
  • North Beaches
  • Ocean Beach
  • Ocean Drive

Below you find several GTA 6 map renditions that were created by the GTA 6 mapping community based on the leaked footage from September 18, 2022.

  • GTA VI fans have been working together to combine all the pieces of evidence from the leaked gameplay, such as landmarks, in-game coordinates, seen locations, road signs, and more, to put together an early estimation of the GTA 6 map.
  • This is reminiscent of the GTA V mapping project that was made by GTA Forums users about 10 years ago when analyzing screenshots and trailers of the game to recreate the map of Los Santos.
  • The maps below, which include Vice City on the east side of the map, the Grass, rivers, and numerous other cities and locales, are all extremely accurate renderings of what the final GTA 6 map might look like. To see the photos at greater resolution, open a new window with the images open.

GTA 5 characters

 Michael De Santa (formerly Michael Townley)

Franklin Clinton

Trevor Philips

GTA 6 leaks and maps exclusive New Content

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With the GTA 6 development footage that has been leaked on September 18, 2022, it has been confirmed that GTA 6 will take place in a modern-day rendition of Vice City.

  • GTA 6 is confirmed to be located in Vice City (Miami) and its surrounding areas, with a very large map.
  • One video features a lake that would be far from Miami, so the map could also feature a bigger chunk of Florida
  • The game is set in the modern day, after the events of GTA V
  • Many landmarks from the Miami area are accurately represented in the game, just like GTA 5 did with Los Angeles
  • A large tennis court can be seen, as well as a football stadium.
  • There is an airport and a functional tram, which stops at the airport as well. You can simply walk into the tram to enter it.
  • The GTA equivalent of the Florida Keys is included. There is also a swampy area called Grass, rivers, similar to the Everglades
  • A location in the game is called Port Gellhorn, as shown on the side of Police Cars. This could mean the world is large enough to have multiple police departments.

What platforms will it be on?

As per many news, GTA 6 will be play on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles- As well as on upcoming PS5 also but that’s not announced yet by officials.

There will be no Nintendo Switch version, unfortunately – we’re almost certain about that.

This is despite rumours that GTA V may well makes it way on to Nintendo’s latest console.

PC gamers will once again probably have to wait a bit longer for their version, but when it does drop, it’ll be the best looking version (we think).

What about GTA Online? How long will Rockstar keep supporting GTA V?

GTA Online is still absolutely massive – so expect continued support throughout Red Dead Redemption 2’s lifespan.

Regular updates such as Doomsday Heist means there is plenty of life left in the old dog yet.

GTA 6 New Characters

 Lucia and Jason

We should see two protagonists in GTA VI according to various leaks. These are Lucia and Jason, who are pitched to be very similar to Bonnie and Clyde, as in a couple in love who wreak havoc across cities via a crime spree. Other than what we have witnessed in their appearance, not much is known about them personally.

As of now, our only available option is speculation. For instance, we know they are in a romantic relationship, but we don’t know if this is how the couple starts the game. Another possibility is a relationship tracker that shows us how well their relationship is doing. As of now, our only available option is speculation. For instance, we know they are in a romantic relationship, but we don’t know if this is how the couple starts the game.

While it wouldn’t be shocking to see some of the city’s regulars make a cameo, it’s also unclear whether any characters from earlier Vice City installments will return.

Other characters mentioned are; Chester, Danny, Iris, Dale and Brian. Most of these seem to be contacts or owners of local businesses, so they may not play a large part in the game.

The size of the map in GTA 6 compared to GTA 5

Gamers are now building an individual imagined map of the upcoming game using leaked photos and videos. Instead of going further, it must be remembered that Rockstar hasn’t responded to leaks on the the possible map for Grand Theft Auto VI, therefore there might be a few modifications in the finished version. Numerous YouTubers have discussed the scale of the map in Grand Theft Auto 6, which is claimed to be twice as large as the map in the fifth edition.

A broader map might not always make for a more enjoyable travel, despite what some people would believe. Some speculate that there would be more deserted and idle locations on the map if the game world were larger. Furthermore, the countryside lacked a lot of activity on the map in Grand Theft Auto 5.

How big will the map be of GTA 6?

Huge. We go into some more details and rumors below but rest assured it’ll be the biggest map in the series.

The last game felt just a tiny bit too small for the huge planes and airport. So expect to see Rockstar address this – who knows, perhaps you’ll be able to fly to Vice City?

“Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favourite areas,” said former Rockstar President Leslie  Benzies.

“In that context, re-imaging Vice City would be very interesting.”

When can we officially expect to hear something?

Now THAT is a question. Some speculate that E3 in June may be the first glimpse, but we’re not sure it’ll be that early.

Instead, we can probably expect to see some teaser material drop at some point next year – with the game likely releasing between 2020-2021.

Which gameplay changes will be the most important?

We don’t expect Rockstar to change too much about the gameplay – but instead focus on scale and immersion.

That’s means more detailed worlds and the biggest map they’ve ever created.

Benzies revealed last year that GTA 6 plans are still up in the air.

“We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas” Benzies said in an interview with Develop.

“It comes from the idea first. Where it is going to be set is the first question.

“Then that defines the missions; you’re doing different things in LA than in New York or Miami. The map and story get worked up together, and the story is a basic flow of how it works out so you can layer the mission in.”

What about mods?

As touched on earlier, GTA 6 will almost certainly support mods for the PC version.

GTA V had a plethora of graphics options in vanilla form but for many, it still didn’t look as good as it could.

Some of the mods now available for the game include 4K textures, improved motion blur and depth of field and the intrudction of real-life cars.

There’s even some mods that allow you to fly to Vice City or even take a rocket to space.

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