Subway Surfers Mod APK: Enhance Your Adventure with Exclusive Features

Subway Surfers Mod apk is back with a new look to pique the interest of eager fans. Players will take on the roles of Jake, Tricky, and Fresh to tease the cop. You must combine observation skills with finger movements to achieve the best running performance. Colorful events will add to the excitement of the adventure, and players can dress in festival-appropriate costumes to blend in with the game’s atmosphere. During your race, Christmas decorations have been added. Depending on your speed and ingenuity, the dock will help you escape or catch you.

Subway Surfer has been very popular among not just the games lovers but it also attracted people who did not have any interest in games. It reached the heights of popularity because it became not just excitement or entertainment but also an addiction. This could be played by anyone of any age that was the major reason which added to the fame it gained.

Subway surfers game:

This game was developed by Kiloo and SYBO games in 2012. It is powered by the Unity game engine and is a non-stop running game. Subway Surfers is available on certain platforms like Android phones, IOS, Mac, Microsoft Windows, etc. As the updates are based upon seasonal holidays the last update was made in 2013 which is based on country names called as ‘World Tour’ theme.

In 2017 Subway Surfers became the most downloaded game. Subway surfer is played in a single-player mode. In 2018 subway surfer crossed the 2 billion downloads milestone. Subway Surfers has been rated 4.5/5 according to Google Play. The concept of this game is based on running endlessly around the world specifically on the subway station avoiding obstacles and being caught. The game includes moves like swiping up and down and adjacent moves like moving left or right.

Story line of subway surfers

Subway Surfers begin from the scene where the player can see a hooligan named Jack is applying graffiti on the sidewalls of the metro and is caught by the inspector and his dog. This is what the game is about running away from the inspector and his dog. The role of Jack is being played by the player. To make the game even more challenging there are several obstacles to make Jack lose the speed and get caught by the inspector and this is the real challenge the player has to face he or she must avoid Jack being hit by any train or hurdles.

While running Jack collects coins which raises the points of the player more coins results in more points. The hoverboard makes the player experience another adventure. The magnet attracts the coins which results in the collection of more coins. Super sneakers help in climbing trains and getting more out of reach of the inspector. The power jumper makes Jack jump high due to combustion. Moreover, Jet pack enables Jack to fly and collect more coins. Mystery Boxes contains special prizes. The player collects not just coins but keys also which benefit in resuming the game after it gets over as a result of Jack being caught.

The requirements for a spectacular escape

Subway Surfers’ planned activity is to annoy the police officer at the train station. When the whistle blows, the player will begin the mission. The path and character you will play will be displayed on the screen. However, remember that the cops and the vicious dog are always close behind you. When the player maintains speed and overcomes all obstacles, the spectacular escape will be marked as a success. The system will assist you in lowering the difficulty of the game. Your support item could be a lightning-fast sliding board. Additionally, players can use their jumping skills to enhance their time, health, and coin totals.

Along the way, hundreds of coins can be found and collected. Other item packages, such as power doubles, speed shoes, and extra bonuses, are available. The system generates jumpers and jet sets to keep you in the air for a few seconds. It’s your chance to earn extra bonuses while avoiding the dangers of obstacles. The carriages and railway guardrails are the most difficult parts of the game. If you cause a collision, you will lose consciousness and be apprehended immediately. As a result, to complete the mission, players must practice basic acrobatic skills. Some characters will have accompanying items to help them on their journey.

subway surfers mod apk

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Features of subway surfers

Due to the following features, Subway Surfers is intriguing the players since the day it has become popular:

Diving into the Thrills: Exploring Subway Surfers’ Exciting Gameplay

Firstly, the exciting gameplay is a reason why people out there are head over heels in love with this game. This includes not just the excitement element of collecting coins but also there are many Weekly Hunts and Special Events that make it even more thrilling.

Character Customization and Choices: Adding a Splash of Personality

Funky and lively characters blow more attraction to the game as the player gets to choose the outfits of their characters, namely Jack and his friends Fresh and Tricky. The player has to select any one of them for the escape operation that is to save them from being caught by the grumpy Inspector and his dog. The player gets an option for more characters as the game progresses and the rank gets higher.

Hoverboards and Adventurous Add-ons: Amping Up the Excitement

Add-ons like Hoverboard are what make the player fall in love with this adventurous game, as jumping onto the Hoverboards makes the character of the game get more distant from the peevish inspector.

Mastering the Moves: The Art of Subway Surfers Controls

Subway Surfers become more fun to play when there is a streamlined control. The player needs to swipe in the upward direction to make the character climb an obstacle, and swiping down will make the character bend down. However, swiping right and left would also serve the same function of avoiding getting hit by the trains. All these controls and movements promote the collection of coins and scoring more.

Unlocking Challenges: Navigating Through 40 Levels of Fun

With a collection of 40 levels altogether, the player is made to face different challenges, and all are needed to be passed to unlock more stimulating challenges.

Offline Adventures: Subway Surfers Anytime, Anywhere

Subway Surfers can be played offline, but certain features need an internet connection for access.

Ageless Entertainment: Subway Surfers for Everyone

Subway Surfers does not require any age limit; hence, it can be enjoyed equally by players belonging to every age group.

Visual Extravaganza: The Heart-Throbbing Graphics

The colorful and engaging graphics and visuals of the game make it more heart-throbbing.

Free, but with a Twist: In-App Purchases for Extra Keys

Subway Surfers is free, but for certain things like extra keys to resume the game, one needs to pay.

Beyond Android: Subway Surfers Across Platforms and Borders

This are available in a wide range of countries, not just on Android operating systems but also on other platforms.

Subway surfers mod apk

Subway Surfers APK is available in 1.114.0 version which is the latest update and it is compatible with Android 4.1 plus. Following are the features of the latest version are as enlisted below:

World Tour in Beijing.

Addition of the Lunar Festival.

Addition of 10 characters and their respective outfits.

Aero-board power unlocked with cool gliding.

Weekly Hunt Prizes unlocked by the collection of Rabbit tokens.

Features of subway surfers mod apk

  • Characters: Subway Surfers offers a wide range of characters to choose from. Each character has its unique style and personality.
  • Hoverboards: Players can ride different types of hoverboards, which offer various advantages and make the gameplay more exciting.
  • Power-Ups: Power-ups help players increase their score, speed, and coin collection.
  • Daily Challenges: The game has daily challenges that players can complete to earn rewards.
  • Weekly Hunts: Players can participate in weekly hunts, which offer unique challenges and rewards.
  • Customization: The players can customize their characters according to their requirement and game also provides accessories and outfits.
  • Locations: The game is set in a number of various cities into the entire world, many of them are popular like Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Sydney, and New York City.
  • Social Integration: Through social media platforms like Facebook, players can interact with their friends and play against them to break their record.

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