Unveiling the New Samsung S24 ultra: An ExclusiveGame-Changer in Technology

Samsung S24 ultra will gonna here!!!!


We know what the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will look like because their CAD-based renders were leaked in September. Their official launch is slated for January 17, 2024. Those renders showed a flat design, which is now supported by Windows Report’s new official-looking images.

According to the publication, the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra will be available in black, gray, violet, and yellow, but their marketing names will differ. For the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, these will be called Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellow.

The Samsung Cosmic system S24 Ultra’s forms will be called Titanium Dark, Titanium Dim, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Yellow, and in the event that it’s muddled, that is probable in light of the fact that the S24 Ultra will have a Titanium outline. The vanilla and In addition to models will have an aluminum protection outline.

The source additionally asserts that the execution of simulated intelligence in the System S24 series will be one of the brand’s key selling focuses for 2024. Samsung will utilize it on the S24 setup to decipher informing applications continuously with help for north of twelve dialects.

Computer based intelligence could likewise be utilized to help alter and improve photographs through generative man-made intelligence strategies. Furthermore, it will offer improved search capacities on the S24 triplet, such as featuring any thing on a picture to track down extra data about it.

samsung s24 ultra

The vapor chambers of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus, according to the source, will be 1.5 and 1.6 times larger than in previous models. The Cosmic system S24 Ultra’s fume chamber will be 1.9x greater than the S23 Ultra. The cooling and sustained performance of larger vapor chambers should be enhanced.

The distribution likewise shared the specs of the Universe S24 triplet. You can really look at in the table underneath for that.

About Samsung S24 ultra series:

The Galaxy S24’s new regulatory certification suggests that Samsung’s next flagship phone will soon be available for preorder.

The System S24, S24 In addition to and S24 Ultra have gotten confirmation from the Government Correspondences Commission (FCC) available to be purchased in the U.S., as per a profound plunge of the administrative documenting by Android Authority.

The paperwork mentions SM-S921U, which is the base model, SM-S926B, which is the Galaxy S24 Plus, and SM-S928B, which is the Ultra model. Assuming that last one looks recognizable, a similar model number was referred to in the Department of Indian Norms (BIS) site, which is one more buyer products administrative body in India.

To be able to sell consumer goods in a country, a device must first receive regulatory approval, which not only indicates that the device is nearing launch but is also completely normal and necessary. Android Authority discovered some intriguing details in the FCC report, which indicate that the most recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor from Qualcomm may be used in some of the upcoming Galaxy devices.

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Hardcore fans have been unhappy with this. Particularly for those who had hoped that, like the OnePlus 11, Samsung would at least increase the RAM to 16 GB. In response to Ice Universe, one person wrote, “Let’s wait for [the] S25 Ultra,” which accurately reflected the general mood.

Power users, who believe that a high-end phone should have more RAM if it wants to handle demanding tasks like some of Samsung’s recently touted generative AI capabilities, appear to be the source of the concern.

Even though this is a rumor that comes from a very trustworthy source, we have not yet seen daily performance reviews. 12GB of Smash is likewise all that could possibly be needed to capacity to Samsung’s man-made intelligence desires since Google’s Pixel 8 Genius, which additionally has 12GB of Slam and a large group of generative computer based intelligence picture abilities, does definitively that. When the phones come out next month, we’ll find out more.

The News

Update December third: Thanks to Windows Report, a significant leak of the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra’s specifications and features has surfaced. The publication contains information on nearly every aspect of the new handsets, including a new design, new AI capabilities, and the camera loadout.

The chassis is the first thing. The S24 Ultra will feature a titanium frame for the first time in a Samsung device. Windows Report says that the base and Plus models will “most likely” be made of aluminum. Naturally, Apple’s iPhone 15 featured a titanium frame as well, suggesting that this is the new trend for high-end smartphones. The titanium configuration was faulted by certain clients for the iPhone 15’s overheating issues, despite the fact that Apple denied this. We’ll have to see if the new Samsung phone has the same problems.

Windows reports from other sources indicate that the Ultra will indeed include the 12GB of RAM mentioned in this story. There will be a 5000mAh battery in the Ultra model, which is controlled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Strangely, Samsung is adding another 50MP zooming focal point to the Ultra unit, which will accompany 5x optical zoom.


Exactly as expected, the Samsung phones will go with some new reenacted insight limits. As indicated by Windows Report, informing applications will likewise approach the language interpretation include that Samsung recently declared. We’ll need to verify whether that main applies to Samsung’s informing applications or to outsider applications too. It appears that Samsung will launch its own version of Google Lens, which allows users to search for objects by highlighting them in a picture.

Since TM Roh took over as the manager of Samsung’s versatile division, the needs have changed in a reasonable way. Roh largely agreed to this during our interview with him at the previous Unpacked event. The goal is to get more done with less, not spend a lot of money on hardware. That is splendid, however it ought not be extended to where it seems like a support for skipping steps.

Features of S24 series

It was generally guessed that the World S24 Ultra would accompany 16GB of Smash, even on the more costly models with more capacity. The device’s earlier benchmarks suggested that. According to the most recent reports, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will continue to come with 8GB of RAM on the base model and 12GB on the more expensive variants. If this wasn’t adequate, Samsung is obviously remaining with just 8GB Crush on the base model of the Universe S24 and S24+.

The association must determine how much memory is needed, especially for the Ultra. For the past four years running, Samsung has not altered the Smash options available for its best-in-class lead. When you consider that other Android manufacturers have already been selling flagship devices with 16GB of RAM, it really doesn’t look that good anymore. Some users have even exceeded 24GB!

The reaction to the System S24’s absence of Smash redesigns has been blended, as you could anticipate. The impassioned Samsung clients, the unflinching supporters who have been with the organization for quite a long time, are exceptionally vocal about how frustrated they are. Power customers who just want the best specs on their Samsung lead are feeling more frantic than ever. Samsung clearly isn’t fulfilling their expectations, leaving them with no decision aside from to look elsewhere.

With those fans, the Galaxy S24 already has a difficult task ahead of it. They are already dissatisfied with Samsung’s decision to include the Exynos chipset in its flagship series for the coming year. The Snapdragon-just System S23 series showed them all where they had been going wrong. Customers in markets where only the Exynos variant will be sold are now once more anticipating being let down.

It’s not such a lot of the checkered history of the Exynos that is a reason to worry this time around yet the splendor of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. In select markets, the Galaxy S24 Ultra and other handsets will utilize this powerful new chipset. Even if Samsung doesn’t think that’s the case, it’s possible that those who purchase Exynos-powered models next year will feel like they have to live with a downgrade.

Samsung’s most faithful fans have really been approached to swallow these unpleasant realities even before the gadget has been sent off. What a way to dampen the anticipation for your new flagship! The fan base has already begun to voice their displeasure. It doesn’t look good, and I’ve been emphasizing that excluding this group would be detrimental.

As the individual giving orders at Samsung’s versatile division, TM Roh has done extraordinarily well in numerous viewpoints, as we’ve featured here over and over. However, it does appear that optimization has taken precedence over what initially made Samsung’s flagship devices so exciting. I’ve discussed how Samsung needs to embrace development once more, yet this is again a one stage advances, two stages in reverse methodology from the organization. The differences between Roh and Samsung’s most devoted fans will only widen as a result of the choices made for the Galaxy S24 series.

Better is owed to the patrons who have contributed their hard-earned cash to each flagship launch and who have stuck by the business through its highs and lows. Basically, let them choose which variant of the device, with Snapdragon and the highest possible amount of Slam, to buy, regardless of where they are located. Since Samsung currently sells its phones through its own online store in the vast majority of the business sectors it serves, it would be problematic to distribute these phones even if they were only available online with certain features.

We are aware that these are business considerations behind Roh’s decisions. While they will boost the bottom line and increase shareholder value, consistently disappointing your most devoted followers is counterproductive. They’re the fans that publicity up the organization and its gadgets, going about as fervent supporters on the web and somewhere else. They are already quiet, and if nothing is done, they will feel even more powerless.

Therefore, on behalf of TM Roh’s silent majority, I would like to propose that Samsung investigate the possibility of launching powerful online exclusives for the Galaxy S24 series. Together with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, these limited-edition devices should have the highest RAM and storage capacities. It doesn’t need to be just the Ultra, do it for any of the three models, regardless in the event that the gadget gets a piece heavier or a piece thicker. It’s fine, we’ll be very eager to try and think often about that!

Series S23

The System S23 series has been a triumph for Samsung, as every one of the three telephones in the setup sold more than their ancestors. The System S23 series crossed the 25 million imprint half a month prior and is making a beeline for the 30 million imprint until the end of its lifetime. In any case, the telephones were not really on the rundown of top ten top of the line telephones for the second from last quarter of this current year.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has dropped out of the top ten best-selling phones worldwide, according to the most recent data from a market analysis report. It was available in the rundown in the first and second quarter of 2023. Presently, the rundown is overwhelmed by Apple for the main four spots. The iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro came in first, second, third, and fourth place, respectively. Curiously, none of the iPhone 15 series gadgets appeared on the rundown. Demand from the Indian market is driving sales of the two-year-old iPhone 13.

Fifth place went to Samsung’s flagship smartphone for the second-to-last quarter of 2023, the World A14. The Galaxy A54 ranked seventh, and the Galaxy A14 5G ranked sixth. Moving up the rankings, the Galaxy A04e went from ninth place in Q2 2023 to eighth place in Q3 2023. The previous quarter saw the Cosmic system A34 remain in position 10. The reason the Massive framework S23 Ultra was removed from the top ten list is undoubtedly due to the anticipation of the Universe S24 series, which is scheduled for delivery in mid-January 2024. When its replacement is anticipated to arrive within the next few months, customers typically wait in line to purchase a top-tier phone.

Because of the upward trend in the global smartphone market, Samsung predicts an increase in smartphone sales in 2024. Samsung projects that the Cosmic system S24 will have 10% more sales than the World system S23, and that by 2024, the company may sell 270 million mobile devices annually.

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